Product Information Management (P.I.M)

Akeneo PIM centralises and harmonises all marketing and technical information from product listings and catalogues. It is released under an open source license and is based on the Symfony2 framework. Our product is highly customisable and we believe that open source and community software makes applications richer, more powerful and flexible.

What advantages does a P.I.M. offer?

Establishes a single, reliable source for product information

Simplifies the process of integrating providers and data sources

Stop dreaming about giant spreadsheet monsters coming from outer space to destroy your data! 

Improves quality and consistency of product data across all channels

Who needs a P.I.M.?

Marketing experts who value an omnichannel product experience

Data Governance drivers who want to maintain data consistency and structure within the organization

Buyers who need to strengthen their relationships with suppliers

E-commerce managers who understand the impact of product data quality on Internet sales

Akeneo was the salvation for Julia, Marketing Director. Know her story in this video:

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